dreams for twenty-sixteen

I LOVE NEW YEARS. Yeah, I’m that girl. I love gold. I love glitter. I love midnight. I love champagne. But most of all– I love fresh starts. I love goals and dreams and all things new, and that is exactly what New Year’s brings.

Here are some of my goals and hopes and dreams for 2016:

+Less time with Netflix, more time in books. My goal is to read and record a minimum of 4 books a month. I LOVE reading, and am really excited to achieve this goal!

+See a really great live show in Memphis. Like, a really, REALLY great live show.  There are so many amazing bands that come through this city, and I want to take advantage of this!

+Continue to study nutrition, and to the best of my ability, attain my certification!

+Get involved in two major ways at a church in Memphis. One of those MUST be leading/sining in a worship team. I’m not sure what the other way looks like, but I’m going to be praying hard that God would reveal this to me in His time. +Run, run, run more!!

+BLOG MORE. At LEAST once a month. I really want to get better at this. I have things to say, but often let fear get in the way of writing. I don’t want to do this anymore!

+Say buh-bye to SUGAR (added sugar, not natural). This year I’ve done fairly extensive research, and the more I study I learn just how insanely TOXIC sugar is to our bodies, and the more I desire to stay far, FAR away.

+Get rid of my scale. This is kind of the craziest one for me, because usually I want to lose a certain amount of weight within the year. However, for the past few months, I have learned so much about nutrition and our bodies, and how incredibly different they are! Because of this, the number on the scale really doesn’t say much of anything regarding one’s health. This is why I am done with my scale.

**This year, health wise, I desire to feed and fuel my body with proper nutrition. I will not be constricted to counting calories, but rather how I feel. I know when I’m feeding myself garbage, and I know when I’m getting my vitamins and nutrients. The scale has nothing to do with that!   Along with that, I will be more intentionally active throughout each day! (see running goal:) )Mentally, I will love myself. I will tell myself truths, and love my body exactly for what it is, the journeys it has been on and will continue to carry me through.

I desire above all else to grow deeper in my relationship with God in 2016. I have so many changes coming so soon with my move to Memphis, and I can’t WAIT to see what 2016 holds. I surrender it to you, Lord. Your will be done. 


Goodbye: 2015

2015, what a year! Here are the highlights:

+I graduated from the most wonderful college on the whole planet, and subsequently, said college closed down. I can only say that I feel so incredibly thankful that I was able to call Northland my home for a year and a half.



+I moved back in with my parents and got closer to my family. Mostly my little sister, whom I love so much and am so grateful we were able to spend more time together. She’s forever my sister, and one of my very best friends. With each passing year, I believe I come to understand the importance of family more and more.



+ I completed my fourth Spartan Race, and got my butt totally kicked. This time around I hardly trained, and barley made it out alive! However, I am so glad that I did it anyways. It’s always such a challenge, but a huge reminder to me of what I have overcome in the last three years!

+I dyed my hair red and lost 20 pounds. Hey thanks, 2015!

+I fell in love with nutrition, and realized my love for learning about it. Especially in the last few months, I have spent a lot of time in research and studying nutrition. I’m uncovering the deep love I have for food, and find myself in awe of how simple being healthy truly can be and how God has given us all the tools we need to heal ourselves through the power of food!

+I got a job at Starbucks! This job totally helped me discover my love for coffee. Not only that, but taking a step back now, I realize how much God had to help me through my shifts at Starbucks. I pray constantly that He would help me to love those around me deeper and it’s definitely not always easy loving customers who haven’t had their daily caffeine fix yet.  I’m so thankful for my time here though, and those I got to meet through the experience.


+Lastly, I fell even more in love with Andrew. Feel free to stop reading now if cheesy writing makes you want to vom, but I can’t talk about 2015 and NOT mention the man who has had made such an impact on my life within the last year and a half. Never in my life have I ever felt so loved by a human being. There isn’t a day that goes by that Andrew doesn’t speak to me in love, light, and truth. He tells me he loves me, and never for a second do I doubt it. This year he moved 14 hours away for school, and though it’s been a difficult transition, never have we been closer. I am so incredibly, unwaveringly, madly, crazy, undeniably in love with him. God has given me such a gift in Andrew that I do not deserve, but earnestly pray that I would never take for granted. Andrew loves me so sacrificially, and it’s through that I am able to ponder the deep love and grace that Jesus has for his children, including me. I think: “If Andrew, a flawed human being, loves me this deeply and is able to forgive me daily,  how much MORE must Jesus love and forgive me…”  It’s thoughts like this leave me in awe and deep gratitude for such a blessing.


Thank you Lord, for another year of growth, love, challenges, and most importantly, deepening my relationship with You. For there is nothing greater.