This Week: Success and Failure

Tomorrow is another day. Thank you Lord for second chances. …and third chances. …and fourth chances…

I’m pretty sleepy, but this week is about to get CRAZY, and I wanted to make sure I took the time to not leave my blog hanging on the last post I wrote, in which I was pretty upset.

SO. This week has been basically a roller coaster. I’ve had equal success and failure. I’ve actually needed the week weight-wise exactly where I started it. which leaves me to feel kind of indifferent, but definitely disappointed in myself.

At the start of this past week I was more upset than I had been in a very long time about my weight. I knew I’ve gained some back, but when I stepped on the scale and saw that I was officially the heaviest I’ve been in the past two years… I was sent over the edge. I’ve fought SO hard to lose this weight and I swore to never go back there… so why am I watching this happen?

Anyways, after that day, I buckled down. Counted all my calories, worked out HARD, and drank an entire gallon of water. By the end of that day I felt very proud of myself. I kept that pattern up for the rest of the week and by Saturday I was down 4 pounds.

AND THEN THE WEEKEND. …sigh. This weekend killed me. A and I went out on a special christmas date and I had a panini and fries and then we went out for ice cream after. Then today I hadn’t gotten to eat more than a granola bar and three bites of a salad until we went to a Christmas party and by that time I was SO hungry, I didn’t even care that I had two helpings of dessert. …argh.

Yeah. I know what the scale will tell me tomorrow. I’ll be back up in weight and very disappointed. I’m considering not even getting back on the scale until January first. I have HUGE plans for 2015, so maybe I should just chill on the whole scale thing and just work hard regardless of the number.

The only thing I’ve kept up since I’ve started it, is drinking a gallon(+) of water a day. I’m so grateful that A suggested that I do it. I pee a LOT, but I can feel my body actually getting healthier. My acne is actually clearer; I’ve had no new breakouts. and even though my eating hasn’t been on point, I haven’t been feeling too sick over the foods. I’m really excited about drinking all this water actually and incredibly determined to keep it up!

This week is Christmas and it’s going to get very busy. Will be on the worship team for Xmas eve, so that means I’ll be at church most of that day, and then that following morning I fly out with my siblings to visit our family out East. That will be super fun and I’m beyond stoked. Really praying I will make good choices while I’m there.

I probably won’t write another post for a while, but as of right now, here’s where I’m at:

I’ve made really solid improvements this week and overall in my health. This weekend was a bump in my plans, but one that will not stop me from getting what I want. I am focused, I am determined, and I am calm. Nothing will get in my way of becoming the girl I believe God has created me to be. He has made me strong and stunning. I radiate with the light of Christ, and because of that I know nothing is impossible.

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