Weekend Recap: Running Slow, Cheat Meal, Church…etc.

This weekend was pretty chill! I woke up and ate a great breakfast and then headed out to run. I did better this time than Thursday, but I can’t help but feel pretty darn discouraged over how slow I’ve gotten. I use to easily knock out 3 miles in about 29 minutes. I know that’s not really fast, but it was good for me! I’m back up to an 11:30/12:00 mile! YIKES. not happy. I guess that’s what I get for taking a break from running for MONTHS. ugh. Whoops. Well, I’m still determined to get out there, no matter how slow I am. I only stopped for very short walking breaks twice on my run on Saturday, so I was pleased about that. Tomorrow is suppose to be warm(ish) again, so I’ll probably head out again and see what I can do:) I want to do P90x, but I’m going to save that for the days I’m snowed in and take advantage of the nice weather now.
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After my run I made a smoothie and had a quest bar (NOM). Then I headed out to do some Christmas shopping and found some great deals! Got home and made a giant caesar salad for Granny, A, and I. It was a light dinner because I knew A wouldn’t get done with worship practice till late. So we ended up eating around 8:45 (not the best), but kept it light with salad, so it wasn’t too terrible.

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Church was this morning and it was great. On the way there A says “I have to say, I love Faith (our church). It’s my favorite church I’ve ever attended.” When I heard that my heart just melted. I LOVE seeing him get up and play the drums every weekend. I will never get over how talented he is and I love that he’s filling in a role that was so desperately needed at church. Everyone just loves on him and it’s just such an incredible blessing to him. I just stand back, take it all in, and praise and thank God for it. The message definitely tugged at my heart strings too. I won’t go into too much detail, but I really feel convicted about praying for and seeking out my friends, especially those who are far from God. I need to get more outside of myself and my comfort zone and simply love on them. I pray that’s a focus in my life and especially while I have more time on break.

After church A and I like to have our once a week treat/cheat meal. We went and got Chinese and yes, it was delicious. Honestly, I didn’t even do that bad. Half of my plate was veggies, and I stayed away from noodle and rice and just stuck to the shrimp and chicken. You better believe I had crab rangoons though… 😛

We then spontaneously decided to go see a movie, so we stopped at the theater and Mockingjay was just starting so we (FINALLY) got to see it! That was our first movie together, too! haha. It was fun, and a fantastic film. Mockingjay was my least favorite book and film (part one at least), but J-Law did an incredible job acting, so props to her.

We got home, and A had to get going back on his way home. His winter job starts tomorrow, and he wants to wake up early and hit the gym, so he needs a goodnight’s sleep. It’s weird not being able to see him daily anymore. A tough adjustment, I’m not going to lie. But I know it’s good for not only our relationship, but for us as individuals as well. I’m excited to see what God does during this time!:)

I haven’t eaten since Chinese (still full!)…But I can’t stop drinking COFFEE. gosh I love this stuff. AND Peppermint Mocha creamer oh my GOSH 😛 If I can, I think tomorrow I want to chill at a coffee shop or the library to just read for a while. I’ve got quite the list to get through (another post for later) and time’s a-wastin!

AYWAYS! This week… I’m thinking I should make some goals. Let’s see…:

1. Eat clean all week (even if/when eating out!)
2. Work out everyday. No excuses.
3. Finish Xmas shopping. Be smart with money.
4. Love more.
5. Finish 2 books. Spend less time on computer.
6. Drink more water.

I just wanted to say a real quick thank you to anyone who has been reading and encouraging me to keep writing! It’s really happymaking and I’m actually really enjoying being able to take the time to write:) So thanks guys:D Welp, that’s all for this weekend! Here’s to tomorrow 🙂

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What I’m reading: Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour/ The Gospel of John 
What I’m listening to: Lissie (really digging her voice currently) 
What I’m watching: Game of Thrones, Season 4

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