First Day of Break Love

Today was my first official day of winter break and it was glooooorious.

Slept in until 10:30, ate some cereal, an apple, and drank some green tea. Read my bible, journaled and headed out for my first outside run since September.

While I was running, I realized that that was my first time running in Marinette since I decided to lose weight back at the start of it all. Back when I was still 250+ pounds and running was insanely difficult. During my run I also couldn’t help but think about all the bullying that I got while I was growing and going to school here. People who probably have no clue the kind of impact they made on my life. Times where it was both physical and verbal and completely tore me to pieces. When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to prove them all wrong… Now I just use it to fuel my fire. Those thoughts kept me running today. I ran 3.5 miles and am very proud of myself.

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Got home and gram-cracker had salads for us from Real Pizza. nom nom nom, it was delicious. Wish I had more Quest bars though.. gonna have to go pick some up.

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After that we went out and ran some errands. Stopped at Aldi for a grocery haul. Picked up some spinach, chips & hummus, cantaloup, mango, almond milk, chicken breasts, oats, greek yogurt, soup, and frozen veggies, among other things. It was a fun time and I’m to say I’m excited about being away from the D-Hall is such an understatement! I can already tell just from one day of healthier eating my body is thrilled.  For dinner I cooked up a chicken breast and green beans and it was SO good.

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Spent the rest of the evening laying low. took a bubble bath and read more of my book. Watched some TV with gram and made a green smoothie bowl for dessert:)

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Praying for another productive yet chill day tomorrow. I still need to get some Christmas shopping done, and want to finish reading my book. I don’t think I’ll run tomorrow, but I’m definitely going work out. I’m thinking 15 min. of HIIT or jumprope and then working on arms and glutes. My legs are pretty sore, so I think I’ll wait to run again until Saturday.

I’m wanting to really keep up on this blog. Mostly it will be my babble nonsense, but I love writing and I think it’s just a good habit for me to get into, regardless of anyone reading or not:) Tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll post my Ultimate Grocery Guide for anyone who is interested in reading on what kind of foods I’ve eaten to lose weight!

Welp, that’s it for today… I’m off to watch netflix!:)

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